Imported construction machinery engine cylinder liner assembly selection

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Engine piston, piston ring, piston pin, cylinder liner and connecting rod copper sleeve, circlip, cylinder liner water ring this group of parts is called cylinder liner assembly (commonly known as four matching, six matching, seven matching). It is a moving component of the engine, and the fuel system and the valve mechanism, complete the engine intake, compression, combustion work and exhaust stroke, the chemical energy into mechanical energy to output power. Because it bears a strong mechanical load and thermal load, it is the most important and most prone to failure in the engine component.

The piston in the cylinder liner assembly requires a reasonable combustion chamber shape and excellent profile, and its material requires good mechanical properties, heat transfer properties and thermal expansion control properties. Piston, piston ring and cylinder liner are required to have excellent sealing, lubrication, wear resistance and quality coordination. The construction machinery diesel engine often works in a harsh environment with more dust, poor heat dissipation conditions and high work intensity, and most of them use dry thin-wall cylinder liner, which is prone to failure, so the selection of cylinder liner components is more demanding.

It is precisely because the comprehensive technical performance requirements of cylinder liner components are more demanding, and the world follows a recognized law of specialization, intensive and mass production, and the main engine factories such as Komatsu, Carter, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Nissan, Hino, Cummins and other world-renowned manufacturers never produce piston cylinder liner rings and their components. These products are handed over to the development and production of professional factories with strong technical foundation, strong product development ability and advanced professional technology and equipment. The piston cylinder liner components of the world's famous construction machinery engines are concentrated in several of the world's top professional factories. This is more economical than the large-scale and comprehensive production of the main engine factory, and the quality is more guaranteed. Similarly, the purchase of cylinder liner components must also follow this rule.

Imported engine cylinder liner components are divided into two categories according to their source, namely original parts (including pure parts and matching factory parts, namely OEM parts), sub-factory parts (including imported non-original parts and domestic parts). The parts purchased by the OEM from the supporting production plant and sold as after-sales repair parts are pure parts, and the quality is guaranteed, but the price is expensive. Host original supporting production factory parts that OEM parts, and pure parts from a, the same quality, only packaging is different, but the price is lower than pure parts. The auxiliary parts are non-host equipment factories like the market needs according to the original parts physical mapping imitation, the price is lower, but the quality is far from the original parts stable and reliable. Because the original parts have experienced a large number of design improvements and reliability tests from trial production to mass production, accumulated a set of proprietary technology (KNOW-HOW) and have a large number of supporting needs of the Oems, OEM parts factories have established advanced production lines with a high degree of specialization, process specifications and quality assurance systems suitable for mass production. Therefore, it can stably control and ensure the quality of mass production, so that it becomes the preferred supporting parts of the main engine factory.

The auxiliary parts are completely copied according to the physical mapping of the original parts, without the technical specifications of the original factory as the basis, there is always a certain error in the selection of materials and production process with the original parts. Moreover, in order to save development costs, the imitation manufacturers did not carry out the necessary reliability test to test the products, and the imitation products were put into the market with the same geometric shape (in fact, the microscopic profile is very different), and there are many hidden dangers in the technical quality of the products. In modern technology, it is easy to imitate geometry, but the inherent properties of materials and parts are not easy to imitate successfully. The quality gap between the sub-factory parts and the original parts is reflected in the accumulated gap between the surface quality difference, the material performance difference and the mass production quality stability difference compared with the original part. This cumulative gap will tell the user: the geometric shape of the two categories of products at static temperature is almost the same, but the performance is completely different under the actual dynamic conditions of high speed, high load and high heat load. The history of the world's nearly 100 years of industrial civilization tells us that engine cylinder liner components with seemingly simple geometric shapes are by no means good products from idle manufacturers.

IZUMI (according to its secret) Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the few professional manufacturers of the world's top mechanical vehicle engine piston cylinder assembly, its products as pure parts with Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Hino, Nissan, Isuzu construction machinery engine supporting, covering the majority of the Japanese construction machinery engine supporting market. Quality has been respected by the global vehicle machinery manufacturing industry. All major Oems use IZUMI products as the benchmark to determine the engine piston cylinder liner assembly maintenance technical parameters. When selecting cylinder liner components for service, IZUMI products offer the best of both worlds by ensuring product quality while seeking lower procurement costs and facilitating future repairs.

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